La solution intelligente pour les déchets et le recyclage


Increased Productivity and Improved Sustainability

Offices, Retailers, Grocerants, and other corporate entities are seeking to be more sustainable as more customers expect it and employees request it. At the same time, these organizations are being pressured to be more productive due to heavy competition, price deflation, increased personnel costs and investor demands.

Competition is driving businesses to do more with less every day. Couple that with the need to enhance the customer experience and you can see why automating the all too frequent task of collecting trash and recycling and Bigbelly can help.

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Corporations which implement the turnkey Bigbelly smart waste and recycling system experience not only a fivefold increase in employee productivity but also cash flow positive for waste operations almost immediately. The Bigbelly is a connected system, providing valuable information about employee performance, recycling diversion rates, and system health. Data is safely and securely transmitted to Bigbelly’s CLEAN software as part of our turnkey offering. Between the outdoor stations’ visible solar panel and a significant reduction in the thousands of plastic trashcan liners headed to landfill, your customers and employees will know you are at the forefront of sustainability.


Maximize Productivity? Enhance the Customer Experience? Accomplish Both with Bigbelly

Companies are often torn between the need to maximize productivity while feeling the importance to implement sustainable business practices by employees and customers. Front-of-house public waste sustainability efforts often require additional employee touch points, retail square footage, back-of-house storage, reduced café seating and merchandising area. To add to the complication, once sustainability efforts are engaged, customers often don’t see those efforts.

With this smart waste system, your employees can spend more time each week on customer-facing work – be it holding an umbrella for a customer who is loading groceries or keeping your properties pristine. Bigbelly also ensures that any dining customers are never interrupted by an employee collecting with a big wheeled bin during peak periods. Employees love their Bigbelly stations because they empty trash 80% less and get to spend more time with customers. Show your team know you care about their work experience and ensure that they touch more customers and less trash.

Retailers can now leverage smart platforms that can automate much of the work needed to manage public collections. The Bigbelly platform dramatically reduces the number of plastic bags entering the waste stream or recycling centers, and stores without compacting dumpsters can reduce landfill and measure and increase recycling volumes.

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