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Here’s what some of our 1,000+ customers have to say about Bigbelly:

The wireless monitoring system has made it very easy to manage our inventory all across Center City. The ability to sort through historical data by collection route and discover collection patterns gives us valuable and actionable information.
Scott McGrath – Recycling Coordinator, Philadelphia
Our extensive field trial gave us confidence that we will see a fast payback and high return on investment for this deployment of the BigBelly waste management system. The increased capacity of the self-compacting bins and the ability to monitor fill levels with CLEAN will drastically reduce collection costs.
Werner Kehren – Managing Director of Sanitation Services, Hamburg, Germany
We like the Bigbelly [compactors] because they can hold four times more litter than a non-compacting barrel. That means no unsightly, pest-friendly litter spilling out of the barrels. It also means that Harvard produces 1/4th the greenhouse gas from vehicle trips to service the barrels, less vehicle noise and air pollution, and fewer times that a truck has to disrupt pedestrian traffic. Most gratifyingly, the new set-up will give Yard visitors the chance to recycle their cans, cups, bottles and papers all across the Yard.
Rob Gogan – Recycling & Waste Manager, Harvard University
Bigbelly allowed us to expand our waste management and public space recycling efforts, while realizing significant operational gains from our earlier installations. We are working hard to transform public spaces with clean, safe, and sustainable solutions, and remain committed to partnering with Bigbelly on more smart solutions.
Jessica Lappin – President, Alliance for Downtown New York
The reduction in overflow and incidental litter far exceeded our expectations–and the grounds crew’s–expectations.
Emily Newcomer – Recycling Program Manager, University of Washington-Seattle
South Miami Hospital selected Bigbelly as part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, operational excellence, and patient well-being.
Jerome Marshall – Director of Facilities Management, South Miami Hospital
We had issues with animals, wind, household trash. Now it’s out of sight, out of mind. We know it’s compacted and not blowing around.
Jeff Reine – Capital Improvement Project Manager, Orlando LYNX (FL)
Bigbelly has replaced 189 open top waste stations with 30 compacting waste and recycling stations on our campus here at UGA. With its ability to compact and send alert messages, we’ve been able to go from spending 30 hours a week to spending less than three hours a week in collection. These stations have been well received by our patrons and have really improved the aesthetics of our historical campus, specifically North Campus. We have become so much more efficient in our collection operations that it has allowed us reallocate our services in more critical areas. I have partnered with our Office of Sustainability on many projects and initiatives, and I would have to say that Bigbelly is the one that I am most proud of.
Cale Caudell – Support Services Manager, University of Georgia
In addition to reduced waste management costs and improved efficiency, we believe these attractive new waste collectors will encourage increased usage, significantly reducing litter in the area.
Carol Schatz – President and CEO, LA Downtown Center BID
The deployment of the BigBelly system exemplifies the City of Hamburg’s continued commitment to finding innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of our residents by enabling greater efficiency and sustainability.
Ms. Jutta Blankau – Second Mayor and Senator for the Environment, Hamburg, Germany
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